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American Jewish Committee Opposes Emigration of Jewish Youth from U.S. to Palestine

The American Jewish Committee has issued a statement expressing its dissent from the call addressed recently by certain Zionist leaders to Jewish youth in America to emigrate to Palestine. The statement reads:

“The American Jewish Committee registers its profound dissent – as it is certain substantially all American Jews would dissent – from the call addressed Friday by certain Zionist leaders to Jewish youth in American to emigrate to Palestine. The Jews of the United States are an integral part of America and cannot countenance the idea of emigration of Jews from America to any other country in the world. Leading Zionist have often repudiated the suggestion that any part of the Zionist purpose is to draw American Jews to Palestine.

“The American Jewish Committee is working intensively to secure the immigration into Palestine of those Jews who need to find new homes. It has given its support to the request of President Truman that 100,000 Jews in Europe should be allowed immediately to immigrate into Palestine and there start life anew. Only this week its representatives saw Secretary of State Byrnes and emphasized that substantially all Jews in the United States as well as Americans of other faiths are in favor of that (##)nitarian request. We must concentrate all efforts at the present time on the atteiment of that objective.”