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American Jewish Committee Asks U.S. Government to Act Aganist Argentine Anti-semites

The American Jewish Committee today called upon the United States Government to take action in concert with other American republics for the United Nations Organization against the recurrent attacks on Jews in Argentina by fescist elements which support the Peron regime.

In communications addressed to Secretary of State James F. Byrnes and to Spruille Braden, Assistant Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs, signed by its president, Joseph M. Proskauer, the Committee declared that the undemocratic practices of the Peron regime in Argentina have reached such a stage that the security and peace of other nations are now threatened and the entrenchment of a resurgent Nazism in Argentina is no more an internal Argentine affair.

The Committee called attention to two international agreements to which the Argentine Government was a signatory and which established the principle of equality for all, regardless of race or religion. One is a resolution adopted by the Inter-American Conference on Problems of War and Peace held in Mexico City in March 1945, and the other is the charter of the United Nations.