American Zionists Ask 1,600 Palestine Certificates; 1,000 for Chalutzim
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American Zionists Ask 1,600 Palestine Certificates; 1,000 for Chalutzim

Addressing a public gathering here today, Dr. Abba Hillel Silver disclosed that while in Palestine, he received a cable from the Palestine office of the Jewish Agency in New York requesting 1,600 Palestine immigration certificates, including 1,000 for Chalutzim.

Dr. Silver refuted the allegations that American Jews are not interested in settling in Palestine. He said that the Jews in the United States were shocked by Forsign Secretary Bevin’s statement on Palestine. “The bulk of American public opinion is for a Jewish State and I am sure that President Truman will be with us when the decision comes,” he stated.

At a luncheon given by the Journalist Association to members of the Jewish Agency executive, Dr. Nahum Goldmann said that “an anti-Zionist solution of the Palestine problem is unimaginable, ” because the Jews are now a strong factor in the Middle East. A temporary solution which disregards the Zionist demands may be imposed, but only for a short time, if the Jews of Palestine remain determined as they are now, and if they succeed in rallying the bulk of world Jewry around the Yishuv in its struggle, be stated. Other speakers included Prof. Brodetsky, Louis Lipsky and Berl Looker.

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