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Jewish Parlianentarians Ask Government to Demand Extradition of Ex-mufti from France

Foreign Secretary Bevin today assured the House of Commons that he “is not anxious” to see the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem return to Palestine. He added that he does not know whether the ex-Mufti, who sollaborated with Hitler and Bosolini against the Allies, will be treated as a war criminal.

The Foreign Minister made this statement in reply to questions by two members, to demanded that the Government insist on the ex-Mufti’s extradition from France where he is residing in a villa near Paris. under the surveillance of French police. They emphasized that a demand for the Mufti’s extradition would be justified in view of the (##) done by him to the Allied cause.

War Minister Jack Lawson admitted last night in Commons that Jewish troops are removed from units of the Sixth Airborne Division before it was moved into Palestine. He said that the War Office instructions were issued for “obvious reasons,” and that both Jews and Moslems were affected.