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Two Polish Soldiers Sentenced to Imprisonment for Participation in Anti-jewish Riots

Two Polish soldiers have been sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment for participation in an anti-Jewish riot in Cracow last August, during which a synagogue was burned, according to a report from there received today.

A dispatch by the Polish Press Agency from the former German town of Beuthen in Silesia says that a memorial service has been held in the synagogue there for the 25,500 Jews of the city of Rovno who were massacred to the last man by the Germans. Centors chanted the traditional prayers for the dead, as the assembled Jews wept. Some of the Jews who have recently settled in Beuthen had relatives in Rovno.

In another memorial service for murdered Jews, at Tomaszow – Mazowiecki, a solemn procession marched to the cemetery, where the Germans had buried Jews in mass praves. The chairman of the Jewish committee, M. Grinszpan, and representatives of the Polish Workers Party addressed the gathering.