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Palestine Government Grants Visas to U.S. Veterans Wishing to Study in Haifa Technion

The Palestine Government has instructed the British Passport Control Office in New York to issue tourist visa to American veterans desiring to study engineering and industrial arts at the Haifa Technion under the G.I. Bill of Rights, it was announced today by the American Society for the Palestine Institute of Technology, a national organization with offices in New York.

The Palestine Government also gave its consent to an arrangement whereby veterans applying for admission will be selected by a special committee of engineers and educators affiliated with the American Society. The Haifa Technion, also known as the Hebrew Institute of Technology of Haifa, Palestine, is the only institution in Palestine devoted to technological training and research. It offers complete educational facilities to students in engineering, applied science and industrial arts. The Institute has an Engineering College, a Post-Graduate School, as well as a Vocational High School and Nautical School.