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Streicher Asks Court for Witnesses to Prove He Did Not Advocate Violence Against Jews

Julius Streicher, foremost Nazi Jew-baiter, today requested the International Military Tribunal to permit him to call five or six witnesses and file a number of documents in an attempt to prove that he rejected the use of violence against Jews and was not responsible for anti-Jewish acts.

Streicher’s petition declared that he “visualized the solution of the Jewish question by the evacuation and resettlement of the Jewish population of the earth in a Jewish national state.” It is expected that he will attempt to prove that since 1939 he was without influence, had no connections with prominent party members, did not personally know Gestapo leaders, and knew nothing about the extermination of Jews.

Among the documents which Streicher wants put into the record is a book by Erich Kaufman, published in America in 1941, that advocated sterilization of all young Germans as a method of biological extermination of the German nation.