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Underground Anti-jewish Group Uncovered by U.S. Military Intelligence in Germany

Military intelligence officers today reported that they have uncovered a German underground organization in Southern Bavaria which engaged in anti-Jewish propaganda and in organizing attacks on Jews.

The organization is reported to be led by Martin Mayer, the German mayor of Oveemmmingen, where about 130 Jews living in a school house were attacked by a mob of Germans shouting “Death to the Jews” and “Long Live Hitler.” (See details on page 5, as reported by the Central Committee of Liberated Jews in the U.S. zone in Germany to the American Jewish Conference.) The mayor himself headed the mob and participated in the beating of Jews in which scythes, knives, axes and shovels were used.

A number of Jewish witnesses filed statements with the military authorities describing the details of the attack. They charged the mayor with shouting that be intended to see “all Jews in town murdered this night.”