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United Nations Should Solve Palestine Problem, Says Moscow Radio; Hits Committee Report

The Palestine problem could be settled effectively only by the United Nations, the Moscow radio said in an Arabic broadcast in which it also said that the recommendations of the Anglo-American inquiry committee provide no solution to the problem.

“This commission unauthorized by the Arabs and Jews,” the broadcast said, “caused a wave of dissension in the Arab would. The Jews in Palestine did not approve of the report. All this proves that public opinion should not be ignored. The commission is trying to explain to the world that the emigration of several hundred thousand Jews to Palestine is an urgent matter, because the Jews are in a pitiable plight in Germany and Austria.

“It is strange, if the commission is concerned about the Jews, that it should think only of 100,000 because as everyone knows, a great number of Jews in Europe live in a miserable state. Jews living in Europe think before anything else of a normal and human life which could be established in the countries in which they have lived for centuries,” the Soviet commentator declared.