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Jewish Repatriates in Lower Silesian Factories, Mines Outstrip German Production

Polish Jews repatriated from the U.S.S.R. and resettled in Lower Silesia are establishing better production records in heavy industry and mining than the Germans who worked there before the province was seized by Poland, according to the Polish press.

Glos Ludu, organ of the Polish Workers Party, points out, that in some factories, Jewish workers have doubled the production figures set by the Germans. It also reports that 400 Jewish miners are already employed in the Valbrzych district and that their number is increasing daily.

The Central Committee of Polish Jews has appealed for more financial aid for its relief and rehabilitation program for Jews being resettled in Lower Silesia. In its appeal, the committee cited the case of 1,500 Jews being settled in the town of Swidnica, where there is still insufficient housing for at least one-third of the repatriates. It said that the financial burden of repatriation was too great for Polish Jews to bear alone, and asked for help from Jews throughout the world.