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White House Refrains from Commenting on Bevin’s Gibe at U.S. Interest in Palestine

The White House today had no comment on British Foreign Secretary Bevin’s statement made yesterday at Bournemonth that the United States agitation for the admission of 100,000 Jews into Palestine was “because they do not want too many of them in New York.”

Presidential press secretary Charles G. Ross, when asked if President Truman had seen the story of Bevin’s remarks, said that the President had seen the headlines but he did not know if he had read the story. Asked how the story was received at the White House, Ross said that he did not know and that he had no comment at this time.

Congressmen Adolph J. Sabath and Ennuel Celler in press statements today bitterly denounced Bevin for his statement. “It is the lowest level he has reached in all his obvious maneuvering to keep the homeless 100,000 Jews out of Palestine,” Celler declared.