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33 Jews Murdered in Poland in Ten Days Since Kielce Pogrom; Dragged from Trains

At least 33 Jews have been murdered in Poland since the Kielce pogrom on July 4, according to reliable reports received here from various parts of the country.

In addition to the 22 killed between Lodz and Wroclaw, which was reported earlier in the week, six Jews were dragged from a Warsaw-Bialystok train at the Zareby-Koscielne station and murdered.

Four Jews were massacred at Presczecin about the same time, and on Wednesday a Jewish engineer was killed in his home at Katowice by a band which left behind a card reading: “This will happen to all the Jews of Poland.”

Several chalutzim who had been armed by the government to assist in defending Jews against attacks were arrested by police after battling terrorists. While they were held in prison, they were assaulted by the terrorists who had been seized at the same time.