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Truman Will Defer Action on Palestine Until Be Confers with Cabinet Committee Experts

President Truman said today that he has decided to defer his decision on the British plan for Palestine until he has conferred with the American experts with whose cooperation the scheme was drawn up.

The President yesterday cabled Henry Grady, chief of the experts delegation, asking him and the other two Cabinet Committee alternates to return immediately, and it is presumed that they are on route, or will leave very shortly.

Mr. Truman’s decision was made known in a White House statement issued this afternoon. It read as follows:

“The President has been considering certain recommendations of the alternates of the Cabinet Committee with regard to Palestine and has decided, in view of the complexity of the matter, to request Ambassador Grady and his associates to return to Washington to discuss the whole matter with him in detail.

“The President hopes that further discussions will result in decisions which will alleviate the situation of the persecuted Jews in Europe and, at the same time, contribute to the ultimate solution of the longer term problem of Palestine.”