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Fleeing Polish Jews Report Fascists Try to Incite Pogroms by Blood Ritual Lie

Polish Jews who are arriving in Czechoslovakia at the rate of 1,500 daily report that Polish fascists are continuing to incite anti-Jewish outbreaks by spreading the notorious “ritual slaughter” lie.

In the village of Gescepsuta, near Waldenburg, the body of a young child was thrown into a Hashomer Hatzair Kibbutz in order to furnish grounds for provoking a pogrom, but the kibbutz members discovered the body before trouble could begin and immediately informed the police who were able to prevent any outbreaks.

In Bytom a Polish woman attempted to steal a pair of shoes from a Jewish-owned store. When the owner chased after her she began to scream that the Jews were after her blood. A mob gathered but was dispersed by the arrival of police.

The refugees also report that Jews continue to be dragged from trains by fascist “forest bands” and murdered.