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Bodies of 29 Jews Killed by Ss Guards Exhumed and Reburied in Bavaria

The bodies of 29 Jewish victims of the Flossenburg concentration camp were reburied today in Neunburg-Vorm-Wald in northern Bavaria after they were exhumed from a mass grave in a neighboring forest.

The bodies were discovered by a displaced Jew from the local community. Jewish DPs recalled to a military government officer that 29 inmates of the Flossenburg camp were shot by SS guards during a death march 24 hours before the camp was liberated by American forces.

The American officer ordered the German burgermeister to hold the exhumation in the presence of Jewish witnesses and American troops. Some bodies were still covered by camp uniforms, and their identification numbers were still discernible.

The bodies were buried in a special cemetery, and each grave was marked by a white wooden tablet with a blue six-pointed star.