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Deaf-mute Fascists Tried in Hungary As Murderers of 187 Jews and Partisans

Three deaf-mutes, one a woman and all of them former leaders of the Arrow Cross, the war-time Hungarian fascist organization, are being tried before a Peoples Court here charged with the death of 187 Jews and partisans, whom they are accused of shooting and throwing into the Danube after torturing them.

The headmaster of a deaf-mute school is acting as interpreter for the accused as well as for the deaf-mutes who make up the majority of witnesses. At one point, the deaf-mute audience became so boisterous that the court ordered a suspension of proceedings.

An editorial addressed to the Jews has been published in the widely-read Catholic weekly, “Uj Ember,” protesting against the persistent charge that the Catholic Church is anti-Semitic and does not support the democratic fight against anti-Semitism. The editorial recalled that the church played a leading role in saving the Jews from Nazi persecution, and expressed the need for understanding and unity between Jews and Gentiles.