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Polish Foreign Minister Regrets Jews Are Leaving Poland; Urges Them to Remain

Polish Foreign Minister Wincenty Rzymowski, head of the Polish delegation at the United Nations Assembly, today expressed regret that Jews were leaving Poland to seek homes elsewhere, and maintained that his Government was doing everything in its power to make the country liveable for them.

The Foreign Minister told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that Polish Jews should remain in their country by all means, and promised that they would definitely find a secure future. He said that the best proof of the government’s good intentions was the return to Jews of their former property, providing financial aid for development of Jewish enterprises, and settling Jews in Silesia.

He upheld the right of Polish Jews to emigrate if they so desired, but he declared that every aid would be given them if they remained. At the same time, he emphasized that the government was doing its utmost to stamp out anti-Semitism, citing the law recently passed against fomenters of racial disturbances.