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Zionist Congress Will Strengthen Resistance to Britain, Judge Rothenberg Predicts

The prediction that the World Zionist Congress will adopt measures to strengthen the resistance of Palestine Jews until Britain observes the terms of the Palestine Mandate, was made here today by Judge, Morris Rothenberg, president of the Jewish National Fund of America, prior to his departure by plane for Basle, to attend the Congress. He will also attend the special world conference of the Jewish National Fund which will be held in Basle this week.

“Great Britain governs Palestine by virtue of the mandate which specifically charged it with ‘facilitating’ Jewish immigration into Palestine and ‘encouraging’ close Jewish settlement on the land,” Judge Rothenberg said. “The present tragic state of Jewish homelessness can no longer be tolerated in a world which calls itself civilized. The continued confinement of the surviving Jews in internment camps in Europe more than a year after their so-called ‘liberation’ is iniquitous beyond words. The Zionist Congress will, I am sure, bend all its efforts toward obtaining the only fundamental solution to the problem–the creation of a free Jewish state in Palestine.”