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Slovak Who Directed Deportation of 50,000 Jews Feels Remorse but Still Anti-semitic

Sano Mach, former Minister of the Interior in the Nazi puppet state of Slovakia, under whose direction more than 50,000 Slovak Jews were deported to death camps asserted yesterday before a Czechoslovak Peoples Tribunal trying him as a war criminal that he was unaware that deported Jews were murdered by the Germans.

Admitting that he favored a “solution of the Jewish problem” through deportations and aryanization of Jewish property, Mach claimed that he had no knowledge that the Jews ousted from the country were put to death. He said that the Nazis were paid 500 marks for each deported Jew. Although declaring that he felt remorse for the extermination of the Jews, Mach said that he was still anti-Semitic.

Karl Rham, former commander of the Theresienstadt Ghetto, who was recently turned over to Czech authorities by the U.S. Army in the American zone of Germany, will shortly go on trial in Prague, it was announced today.