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Five Displaced Jews Sentenced for Beating U.S. Army Investigators Mistaken for Germans

A military government summary court at Bamberg today sentenced five displaced Jews to prison terms ranging from three months to a year for assaulting two U.S. Army investigators last month. Two other DP’s were acquitted. All seven were camp policemen.

The alleged beatings took place at the Bamberg DP camp when the Americans, dressed in civilian clothes, were mistaken for Germans attampting to force their way into the center. Two DP’s, who were identified by the investigators as having administered the beatings, received one-year sentences. Another received a three-month term and a fourth, a nine-month term.

The camp police chief, Szino Berger, who was not present at the time of the alleged assault, and who called the military police when he was informed of the incident, received a six month sentence. All the sentences will be appealed.