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Bevin Blames U.S. Zionists for Palestine Deadlock; Laborites Approve His Policy

The traditional line of the British Labor Party in opposition to the White Paper was changed today when, after a two-hour debate, the Labor members of Parliament gave a vote of confidence to Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin’s Palestine policy.

Bevin reported to the party conclave that if Britain had had to deal solely with British Jewry, a solution could have been found long ago, but that the strong influence of American Jews had robbed him of any chance of success. He suggested that the door be left open for resumption of negotiations with either the Jews or Arabs at any time between now and the opening of discussions on Palestine at the United Nations.

Bevin declared that three courses are open to the United Nations: Either establishment of Palestine as an Arab state, as a Jewish state, or as a Palestinian state of Arabs and Jews. He expressed the hope that the moderates among. the Jews and the Arabs will come together to form a joint state. At the same time, he pledge that Britain would accept and stand by any United Nations decision, even if it means British evacuation from the country.