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Anti-semitism Lessened, Jewish Community Will Survive, Says New Head of Polish Jewry

Anti-Semitic agitation has dropped sharply as a result of the energetic measures taken by the Polish Government, Dr. Adolph Berman, newly elected president of the Central Committee of Polish Jews, today told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. He estimated there are at present about 100,000 Jews in the country.

“The opinion prevalling abroad that the Jewish community in Poland will be reduced to insignificance is completely baseless,” Dr. Berman said. “The number of Jews in Poland today is comparatively small. However, the Jewish community here is active and is nationally conscious. All Jewish political groups in the country are striving to make Jewish life productive and highly cultured.”

Dr. Berman, who, during the Nazi occupation was one of the leaders of the Jewish underground, was elected president of the Central Committee of Polish Jews to succeed Dr. Emil Sommerstein. All members of the Central Committee voted for him with the exception of the Jewish Socialist Bund leaders who abstained. He is a leader of the left-wing Poale Zion party.

“The Jews of Poland,” Dr. Berman pointed out, “have always been a part of world Jewry and will continue to be. The Central Committee of Polish Jews will make every effort possible to maintain close contact with communities in other parts of the world. Most Polish Jews feel closely linked with the Jewish community in Palestine and with its fight for a Jewish independent national life.”