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Sponsor of Bill Barring Educational Bias in N.Y. Renews Fight for Measure

Assemblyman Bernard M. Austin today announced his intention of continuing the fight to have the current session of the New York State Legislature take favorable action on the Austin-Mahoney Bill before it adjourns this month.

Denying reports that he had withdrawn sponsorship of the bill which would outlaw discrimination in education on the basis of race, color, or national origin, Assemblyman Austin, in a prepared address for the State Assembly declared: “I have not withdrawn my sponsorship. Quite the contrary. I believe more than ever that it is urgent that this bill be enacted into law.”

The Assemblyman, said that he was “utterly unable to share the views of those who say that this matter should rest until the temporary commission to study the need for a State University has made its report. I am a member of the latter Commission. #####