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Dp’s Charged with Entering France Illegally Duped into Returning to Reich

French guards succeeded in returning to Germany ? displaced Jews whose visas were contested, but only after the Jews were forced ##k onto the trains under false pretenses, it was learned today.

The group reached the French town of Saareguemines when the French guards fused them further passage and wished to return them to Germany. They refused ? were finally accomodated in the local synagogue and given aid by the local ?pulace.

Later the Jews were told they would be transferred to Strasbourg but after ?e train got underway, they noticed that they were reentering Germany. Their forts to stop the train were fruitless, but when they reached Asweiler, first ?rman town in French occupied zone, they jumped off the train and scattered. The ?ench again rounded up the group but they refused to reenter the train. Their ?nal disposition is still undecided.