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Zionist-bundist Conflict Causes Lodz Jewish School to Reject $6,000 Municipal Subsidy

A resumption of the pre-war conflict between the Zionists and the Jewish Socialist Bund has resulted in the largest Jewish school in Lodz rejecting a municipal subsidy of 600,000 zlotys (nominally $6,000.)

When the subsidy came before the municipal council, a Bund councilman named Hurwitch demanded that an additional 100,000 zlotys be granted to a children’s home maintained by his organization. Other Jewish councilmen who are Zionists objected declaring that the city could only subsidize general Jewish institutions, and not those operated by any party.

With the support of the non-Jewish Socialists, the Bund councilman carried his point. In addition, the council voted to grant the school only 599,999 zlotys as a rebuke to the councilmen who had drawn a distinction between the various Jewish institutions. Enraged by the council’s decision, the Jewish Committee of Lodz, which has a Zionist majority, voted to refuse the grant.