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Palestine Censor Bans Marshall’s Statement on Mufti; Lifts Ban After Protest

Palestine censorship banned publication of a statement made yesterday by Secretary of State George C. Marshall at a press conference in Washington, revealing that an American-British-French team of historians is examining documents concerning the war-time pro-Axis activities of the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem.

Following a protest by the Palestine Post, which argued that this was an official statement and therefore could not be suppressed, the ban was lifted. However, the same paper was prohibited by the censor from printing a summary of an editorial which appeared yesterday in the New York Post, describing as “impudence” the note written by Sir Henry L. Gurney, chief secretary of the Palestine Government, to the U.N. inquiry committee on Palestine, rebuking it for intervening on behalf of the three Irgunists who were sentenced to death for taking part in the Acre prison break.