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Swedish Groups Ask Government to Curb Activities of International Anti-semite

Leading Swedish organizations have petitioned the government to take action against Einar Aaberg, founder and head of the Swedish Anti-Jewish League, who circulates anti-Semitic propaganda in Swedish, English and German on a world-wide scale. They pointed out that the government could act under the law regulating the conduct of the press.

Signatories of the protest included Prince Wilhelm, second son of King Gustav V, who signed on behalf of the Swedish section of the Pen Club. Other organizations which joined in the appeal to the government included the federations of authors and of journalists.

Legal experts are not clear on just what the government can do about Aaberg. He has been fined several times for parading through the streets with sandwich signs attacking Jews, but doubt is expressed that the press law can be invoked to halt publication of his scurrilous material.