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News Brief

The food situation in the DP camps has deteriorated (##)uch an extent that the displaced Jews are being forced into the black market in (##)r to obtain an adequate diet, DP camp leaders told a Jewish Telegraphic Agency (##)respondent during a two-day survey of a number of large camps in this area.

Every camp reported chronic shortages of highly nutritive foods such as vegetables, eggs, milk and fresh meats. The Army has been substituting nutritionally low (##)ch foods thereby maintaining the 2,000 calories in the daily food ration.

As a direct result of this policy, the camp leaders said, the Jews are compel-(##) to take excess foods such as macaroni and flour and barter them to the Germans protein-rich foods. As one DP spokesman said : “No man, not even a DP, is going watch his wife and children do without necessary food day after day.”

It was also learned that the food situation took a sharp turn for the worse (##)lowing the adoption of ex-President Herbert Hoover’s food plan for the Germans (##)er which Germany obtained large quantities of the Army’s 5-in-1 rations which (##)etofore were almost exclusively allotted to the DP’s. This development lends (##)ght to the charge made in DP quarters that the Army intends to place the refugees the same diet as the Germans.