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Earl Harrison Calls for Enacthment of Stration Bill in Memorandum to Congressional Body

Earl G. Harrison, chairman of the Citizens Committee on Displaced Persons, called today for the enactment of the Stratton Bill as soon as possible.

In a statement to the press, previewing a 78-page statement to be filed tomorrow with the House Sub-Committee on Immigration, the former Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization declared: “A war fought to re-establish the rights and dignity of man cannot end with homeless DP’s on our conscience.”

Harrison said the United States must conform with its stated immigration policy and “to our resources, our hopes and our international declarations.” He termed the problem as “crying for action,” and declared cooperation with other nations to keep the peace requires affirmative steps to help settle the problem of the war refugees.”

Harrison said the Stratton Bill would not disturb normal immigration procedure. He quoted a report of a War Department investigation of displaced persons testifying to their obedience to this country’s laws and their gratitude to the United States for their treatment in the camps.