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United Nations Reply to U.N. Request for Information on Steps to Halt Jewish Migration

The U.N. Secretariat announced today that 10 more governments have replied to Secretary-General Trygve Lie’s letter of May 29, requesting information concerning steps that have been taken to halt “illegal” Jewish immigration to Palestine.

Most of the replies cited the various legal and other measures taken by the various governments to curb Jewish migration, but the Argentine reply said only that it had “never interfered with the internal problems of Palestine.”

The government of Honduras revealed that, in response to a request from the British minister there, it had notified its consul in New York to cancel the papers of ships flying the Honduran flag which transport Jews between Marseilles and Palestine. It added that it “does not object to the interception on the high seas by the British authorities of any vessel flying the Honduran flag which is suspected of carrying illegal traffic of Jewish immigrants.”

The other governments that gave assurances that they would cooperate to halt Jewish immigration were Australia, Balgium, Greece, New Zealand, Union of South Africa and Venezuela. France said that it has taken up the matter directly with the British Government.