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Canadian Zionist Leaders Hesitate to Call Protest Meetings Against Britain

The United Zionist Council, representing all Zionist actions in the Dominion of Canada, has so far found it expedient not to call for constrations or protest meetings against the new British policy in Palestine which ##minated in the return of the Exodus 1947 to France and other incidents in Palestine.“The terror in Palestine is considered a cancerous growth on the Jewish organizsm which evey Jew wants eradicated,” said S.J. Zacks, president of the Zionist Organization of Canada, after his return from a month’s stay in the Jewish homeland. “But the lawlessless of the administration in Palestine is directly responsible for the lawlessless of the terrorist groups,” he added.

Mr. Zacks declared that the Palestine Jewish community is neither desperate nor discouraged; on the contrary, new industries are being developed and the pulsating life of the country is immediately felt by the newcomer.