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Head of Jewish Legion in Britain Charges Govt. “permitted” Recent Anti-jewish Riots

The recent anti-Semitic outbreaks in England “were not activated by the Government, but they were certainly permitted,” Major Samuel Weiser, chairman of the Jewish Legion in Britain, charged today at a press conference. The Legion is an organization of Jewish veterans who identify themselves with the resistance movement in Palestine.

Declaring that it was “open knowledge” that followers of Sir Oswald Mosley, fascist leader in Britain, were preparing for the anti-Semitic incidents, Major Weiser said that Mosley’s publications are sold at all newsstands and that his “underground movement,” which is organized under the guise of “book clubs,” has been steadily growing. Wiser pointed out that, on the pretext of defending free speech, the Government does nothing to suppress anti-Semitic leaders, many of whom were detained during the war as “subversive elements” in the country. He said this was especially true of leaders of the British League of Ex-Servicemen and Women.