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Meeting of Slovak Partisans Adopts Resolution Condemning Anti-semitism

The Association of Slovak Partisans at a convention in Bratislava today adopted a resolution strongly condemning anti-Semitism. Jewish circles in Czechoslovakia were favorably impressed by the resolution, in view of the fact that last year the same organization wound up its meeting with an anti-Semitic demonstration.

Speakers at the conference, including Secretary Sagat, declared that it was undemocratic not to return Jewish property “taken by the fascists” and that restitution meant “compensating for fascist sins.” Opposing the unlimited succession rights in the restitution laws, Sagat said distant relatives were often not competent to inherit and run large enterprises, particularly factories employing many persons.

Meanwhile, Jews in Podomkly received anonymous letters this week commending Hitler’s extermination program and castigating Jewish war veterans. Police officials have announced that they are conducting an investigation.