Palestine Tense on Eve of General Strike and Expected Extremist Outbreaks
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Palestine Tense on Eve of General Strike and Expected Extremist Outbreaks

Palestine was tense tonight on the eve of tomorrow’s general strike to protest the return of the Exodus deportees to Germany, as security officials prepared for outbreaks by the extremist groups, who are expected to strike as soon as word reaches here that the landings have begun.

The entire Hebrew press tomorrow will publish the Jewish National Council’s appeal to the Yishuv and world Jewry to protest the mistreatment of the Exodus Jews. (##) was learned in London that Dr. Chaim Weizmann yesterday made a vain appeal to top numbers of the British Government not to land the refugees in Germany.)

An Agency spokesman today flatly denied the British Foreign Office charge (##)t the Hashomer Hatzair had abducted Jewish children in Hungary and placed them (##)ard the Exodus. The Hashomer Hatzair also issued a statement, branding the charge (##)ntastic,” and recalling its work of rescuing Jews in Hungary during the German occupation.

The Palestine authorities today denied reports that the mayors of Jewish municipalities arrested last month, would be released tomorrow. An Irgun broadcast tonight accused the Haganah of “preparing the ground for something similar to the St. Bartho(##)mew’s Night massacres” and said that the Jewish Agency was plotting civil war. It attacked partition as “a national disaster.”

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