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Lie Recommends U.N. Assembly Set Up Special Committee to Consider Palestine Report

A special committee of the U.N. General Assembly to consider the UNSCOP report loomed as a possibility, following a statement by Secretary-General Trgyve Lie today.

At his weekly press conference, Lie confirmed that he had forwarded such a recommendation to the General Committee – subject to approval by the Assembly. As explained by Lie, there appears to be no reason why his proposal should not meet with approval, since it has been put forth with no political motives, but as part of a Secretariat plan to shorten what appoars to be at this moment a three-month agenda and still growing.

As visualized by Lie, the special ad-hoc committee on Palestine would be a full ?nation working group, paralleling the Political Committee under which the report is now scheduled. If approved, the Secretariat’s plan would speed up the General Assembly machinery, and at the same time, facilitate a decision on the Palestine report.