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Palestine Government Adopts Rigid Measures to Halt Spread of Cholera from Egypt

Acting speedily to counteract the possibility of cholera spreading from Egypt to Palestine, the Palestine Government today put into effect rigid health precautions which suspended much of the normal business traffic between the two countries. However, reports that the disease had crossed the Palestine border were last night denied as “totally unfounded” by Dr. Krikor Krikorian, acting director of Medical Services in Palestine.

The importation of vegetables, fish, fowl and other food products from Egypt was prohibited. Airmail between the two lands was suspended for the duration of the epidemic. Motor traffic south of Gaza and Beersheba has been ordered to use three main asphalt roads in order to facilitate checking by health authorities. Travelers who do not comply with the quarantine regulations are liable to severe penalties.

(Persons arriving in the United States from Palestine and other parts of the Middle East are being innoculated against cholera and detained in quarantine for five days, under an order issued by U.S. health authorities.)