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Ensured New York Rabbi Hits Comdemnation by Rabbinical Board; Asks to Be Heard

Rabbi Benjamin C. Schultz, who was officially ##nsured yesterday by the New York Board of Rabbis for a series of newspaper articles ##arging Communist penetration into Jewish, Catholic and Protestant organizations and institutions, today charged that the resolution passed by the board was “an example viciousness and unfairness, “which “does not deny any specific statements in my articles.”He added that “it is apparent that the disciples of Rabbi Wise and those ##cents who have been whip-lashed into this frenzy against me by a small but ##ciferous pro-Communist clique are better organized than the large majority of Jewry ## have a warm devotion to American principles of freedom of thought.” Rabbi Schultz ## he would welcome a future opportunity to present his case to the rabbinical board.