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Land Asks U.S. Authorities in Austria to Extradite Liquidator of Vilna Ghetto

The Polish Government has asked the American military Authorities in Austria to extradite Johannes Murer to stand trial here as one of the ##sons responsible for the liquidation of the Vilna ghetto and the death of some ?00,000 Jews in the ghetto and the surrounding area.

It was also announced that the U.S. authorities in Germany have extradited former S.S. men and that they will shortly go on trial here for crimes against ##lish Jews. Various courts in the country this week condemned three former Nazis ## crimes against Jews. The three are Reinheld Mezeniush, a former policemen and ## guard at Lublin, Jack Kielczaw, a Ukrainian policeman who was responsible for ## deportation of Jews to Majdanek, and Walenty Chjnacki, who served as a German liceman in Okuniew.