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Un-american Activities Committee Charged with Anti-semitism in Conduct of Probe

Three witnesses appearing before the House Un-## American Activities Committee today accused the Committee of open anti-Semitism in the ## conduct of its investigation into alleged communist infiltration into Hollywood.

Adrian Scott and Edward Dmytryk, producer and director of the RKO film “Crossfire,” and Samuel Ornitz, screen writer, in separate statements which they gave to ## when Chairman J. Parnell Thomas refused to let them be read before the ## all accused the Committee of a direct attack on Jews and those who have ## attacking anti-Semitism and other forms of race prejudice.

Scott said he and Dmytryk had extended a number of invitations to the Committee to view “Crossfire,” a film strongly attacking anti-Semitism, before calling them as ##esses, but committee members had refused or ignored the invitation.