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Mizrachi Leader Approves U.S. Partition Plan; Parley Asks Inclusion of Jerusalem

“The lates United States proposal for the solution of the Palestine problem is a most logical one,” Rabbi Wolf Gold, chairman of the executive of the World Mizrachi Organization, today told 500 delegates attending an extraordinary conference of the American Mizrachi. He warned, however, that Britain any sabotage the plan by insisting that the Arabs must consent before the British agree to the proposition.

Leon Gellman, president of the American organization, pointed out that the Mizrachi have been against partition since it was first proposed in 1937, but added that it was necessary to accept partition at this time because “we have no alternative,” He urged acceptance of a $2,000,000 budget, three-fourths of which would be devoted to work in Palestine and the remaining portion to overseas rescue work. The delegates adopted resolutions calling for an early solution of the Palestine problem by the U.N., inclusion of the Jewish part of Jerusalem in the projected Jewish state and apealed to the Jewish community in Palestine to maintain internal peace.