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British Navy Intercitted 37 Palestine Blockade Runners During Past Two Years

Thirty-seven vessels attempting to run the Palestine blockade with visaless immigrants have been apprehended during the past two years, ?t. Col. D. Rees-Williams, Under-Secretary for Colonies, announced today in Commons, ?e added that proceedings had been started in most cases to confiscate the ships.

Addressing a meeting of the Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association, Leonard Stein, its president, voiced apprehension concerning the consequences of British withdrawal from Palestine in the event that the United Nations cannot arrive at a solution of the problem. He also said he regretted that the British Government would not cooperate in the imposition of a solution which it does not consider just, at the same time that the government gives no indication of what it considers a just solution.

The Council adopted an amended constitution permitting the corporate affiliation of other bodies including synagogues, The motion was carried despite a warning from acting Chief Rabbi of the British Empire Harris M. Lazarus that such affiliations might lead to communal disorganization and the breaking up of the Board of Deputies ? British Jews.

William Frankel, London representative of the American Jewish Committee, who recently returned from a visit to the United States, described the A.J.C. activities, in conjunction with B’nai B’rith, in fighting anti-Semitism.