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Arab League Communique on Palestine Interpreted in Cairo As Defeat for Extremists

The bellicose, but vague statement issued here last might at the conclusion of the ten-day session of the Arab League Council on Palestine has being interpreted today by informed observers as an indication that the Arab States have not rejected the principle of partition per se. The communique dwelt in the inequities in the U.N. General Assembly’s partition plan, and did not spell but opposition to any partition scheme as such.

Arab moderates greeted the communique with relief, while extremists, such as the fanatical Moslem League, were disappointed. In an apparent attempt to explain way the communique’s vagueness, Abdul Rahman Azzam Pasha, secretary-general of the Arab League, said today that the conferees had arrived at 17 decisions which were not being revealed in order that the Zionists might not make capital of them.