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Last Minute News Haganah Kills 13 Arab Gurerillas in Upper Galilee; Blasts Home of Mufti Aide

Thirteen Arabs were killed tonight when four houses were blown up by Haganah troops in Ein Zeitim, in Upper Galilee, One of the buildings was the residence of Subhi el Khadra; one of the Mufti’s righthand men, and a well known agitator during the 1929 Arab riots.

Moshe Shertok, Jewish Agency political chief, who today left for the ‘United States by air, denied at a press conference in Tel Aviv that the Agency had ordered the halting of visaless immigration or had promised any government to halt the movement of refugees to Palestine. He reiterated the point made by other Agency members to the effect that the Agency had no control over immigration, only a moral persuasive power.

The moral weight of the Agency could have been effective if a free port for immigration purposes had been promised the Jews, he stated, but once Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin closed the door on the possibilities of a free port the Agency lost whatever moral force it might have had in the matter. He admitted that the Agency was under pressure from the United States to cut off the flow of “illegal” immigration. (See Earlier Story on Following Page)