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Jews in Hungary Continue to Seek Their Way to U.S. Zones; Cross Border Illegally

Several small groups of Hungarian Jewish refugees ##ve infiltrated the American zone in Austria during the past week, Dr. William ###er, advisor on Jewish affairs to the U.S. command in Europe, reported today following his return from a trip during which he surveyed conditions in the Jewish DP ###sps in the U.S. zones of Germany and Austria.

Declaring that despite generally poor living conditions, the Jewish distanced persons are still hopeful of leaving Germany, Dr. Haber emphasized that “conditions in Germany–as bad as they are–are much better than in Austria.”

He said that Rumanian Jews who entered the American zone in Germany after April 21, 1947, are especially in dire straits. In conferring with American Military Government authorities in Germany, he was informed that approximately 2,000 ##llegals” were living In Bavaria alone. The U.S. Army is determined to carry out ###s plans of evicting them from the Jewish DP camps and transferring them to German refugee centers, he was warned by the authorities.