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Professor Executed for Helping to Exterminate 80,000 Persons During Nazi Regime

Death sentences were carried out in Dresden against three Nazis condemned to death last summer for crimes against humanity. One the executed men, Prof. Paul Nitsche, was found guilty in July, 1947, of complicity in exterminatingapproximately 80,000 persons by gas or poison in hospitals.

An account Of the first meeting between Gestapo chief Heinrich Himmler and the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem was given here today by a prosecution witness in the trial ### 21 former top German diplomats and government officials.

The witness, Gen. Wilhelm Bach-Zeleweki, said he was present at the meeting. The testified that Himmler first looked askance on an alliance with the forces of a an when he thought had “clearly Semitic features.” After suspiciously scrutinizing the Mufti, Himmler suddenly cried out: “Look, he has blue eyes!”

From then on, the witness said, all was harmony between the two. Himmler later accosted that “our connections are stretching as far as Palestine in the fight against our common enemy-Judah,” the former Gestapo general told the court.