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Urges British Dominion Governments to Withhold Recognition of Israel

An urgent plea to withhold their recognition of the ##tate of Israel has been addressed to the British Dominions by Foreign Secretary ##est Bevin, it was learned here today from unimpeachable sources.

According to these sources, Bevin argued earnestly in his communication to the Governments of Canada, the Union of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the ##rish Free State that recognition by all or any of them would hamper British efforts at this time to persuade the Arab armies, particularly that of King Abdullah of Transjordan, to refrain from invading additional parts of Jewish Palestine.

The note to the Dominions, it was stated, cited the “delicate British position” with respect to this country’s Middle Eastern allies, insofar as the new state of Israel is concerned. The note is reported to have added that “present accomplished facts” would not render the British situation any easier if the Jews Arabs could not get together.