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Adolph Eichmann, Notorious Gestapo “expert” on Jewish Affairs, Reported Residing in Cairo

Adolph Eichmann, notorious Gestapo leader who, as Hitler’s “expert” on Jewish affairs, directed the extermination of more than 6,000,000 Jews in Germany and in Nazi-occupied countries, is now living in Cairo as a free per-son under an assumed name, the Austrian press reported today.

The report said that Eichmann, who had escaped from an American camp at Regensburg shortly after the fall of the Nazi regime, had been traced to Cairo after he tried to contact his relatives in Linz, Upper Austria. It is assumed that he is posing as an Arab, since he was born in Palestine and speaks Arabic fluently.

A native of the German settlement of Sarona, near Tel Aviv, which has been taken over as the seat of the Israeli Government, Eichmann also speaks Hebrew and Yiddish. This qualified him in Hitler’s eyes as a “specialist” on Jewish natters. During his service with the Gestapo he played an important role in bringing together the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem and the Nazi leaders.