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Truman Appeals to Congress to Adopt Dp Immigration Bill Without “crippling Amendments”

President Truman, addressing the Swedish Pioneer Centennial Association, tonight called on Congress to pass a displaced persons bill without “crippling amendments that work unfair discrimination against groups which are already represented in this country and which have helped to make it great.”

Praising the contributions of Swedish immigrants to the U.S., he pointed out that today “persecution and oppression again impel a new group to seek homes in foreign lands. They are innocent victims of war – displaced persons of Europe.”

Declaring that he had “repeatedly” asked Congress to pass a DP bill, the President lashed out against provisions in present tills that set limits and quotas on countries and occupations. “I hope that the Congress will soon enact displaced per-sons legislation, and enact it without any qualifications which would depart from our established American principles,” he said.