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Hungarian Commandant, Responsible for Death of Thousands of Jews, Condemned to Die

After a two-day trial here, Imre Nidosi former town commandant of Sosalasis, who was responsible for the torture and deaths of many thousands of Jews during the pro-Nazi regime, was condemned to death today.

Nidosi who pleaded insanity, was tried on a stretcher. Miksa Domonkos, a witness, dramatically related Nidosi’s plan to exterminate the town ghetto. The Jewish Council averted the massacre by appealing to German General Hans Schmidt, who was the Nazi area commander. The defence has appealed for clemency, but observers believe that the court is unlikely to grant it.

The local pro-Sternist organization today launched their first mail campaign, protesting against Palestine partition and praising the Soviet Union as the only U. N. power backing Israel’s cause. The pamphlet was unsigned and did not indicate where it was published.