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Jewish Agency Again Asks American Jews Not to Support Dissident Groups in Israel

Reiterating an earlier appeal to American Jews to withhold support from dissident military groups in Israel, the Jewish Agency, in a statement signed by Dr. Abba Hillel Silver, chairman of its American section, today declared that support of “separatist” military groups threatens the authority of the Israel Government.

“Support of such separatist military units in Palestine is a distinct disservice to the state of Israel as it undermines the authority of the government and interferes with efficient military operations at a time when the new state is beset with gravest danger as a result of the renewed military operations against it by the neighboring Arab states,” Dr. Silver said. “The Jewish Agency wishes to renew this request to Americans not to contribute to any campaigns under whatever name, for the support of military organizations in Palestine,” he added. “The Defense Army of Israel is not soliciting funds in the United States.”